Thanks for expressing interest in our study! 

About Our Study

This study consists of three visits. Each visit is about two-three hours long and will take place at the Baylor College of Medicine and University of Houston in Downtown Houston.

You may receive up to $200 in compensation for your participation.

We can provide parking and transportation if needed. If you are able to provide your own transportation, we will reimburse your parking fees.

During the first visit, we will have your child undergo a safe and routine procedure in which we take a picture of what their brain looks like with a very safe machine, called an MRI. A trained researcher, who has a lot of experience with children, will sit by your child during the procedure to help with the scan.  

This procedure will take place at the Baylor College of Medicine. Compensation for the first visit is $100.

During the second visit, we will have you fill out some questionnaires about your child and yourself. We will have your child complete some activities to see how they learn and think. They can be challenging but we try to make them fun, and there are lots of chances to win prizes.  

This visit will take place at the University of Houston, and you will be compensated $50 for this visit.

During the third visit, you will continue to fill out some questionnaires about your child and yourself. In the meantime, your child will undergo an fNIRS procedure, during which they will wear a swim cap that utilizes light to measure their brain activity. Your child will play a game and watch a few videos while wearing the cap. We will then play a language game. 

This visit will take place at the University of Houston, and you will be compensated $50 for this visit.

Will my information be kept private?

  • A separate identifier will be allocated to you and your child’s information, and your names will not be used in order to protect your identity. All information will only be seen by the research team members or the ethics board on request. All data will be stored on a password-protected server.

What if I’m too busy?

  • Our team is available Monday through Sunday, working mornings, afternoons, and evenings. We can work with your schedule to find the best time for you and your child to participate in our study.

What is cognitive testing?

  • Cognitive testing involves a series of games and activities that measure your child’s mental abilities and how they think. Some of these activities include building blocks, remembering pictures and stories, and answering questions. Our technicians will make this as fun as possible for your child, providing stickers and prizes along the way!


What is an MRI?

  • An MRI is a machine that uses a large magnet to take pictures. It takes very clear, detailed pictures of body parts and organs. For this study’s purposes, we utilize MRI to take pictures of the brain.

Is the MRI safe?

  • The MRI is a safe and non-invasive technique that is commonly used to study the brain in individuals of all ages, including infants, children and adults. It is not an X-ray – there is no radiation involved in MRI scans. Therefore, nothing about this procedure will change your child’s body or brain in any way.
  • The MRI scanner consists of a powerful magnet to take an image. Because it is a magnet, the machine will attract certain metallic objects. If your child has metal pieces in their body, they will not be scanned. Prior to scanning your child, we will conduct an MRI screening form to ensure you and your child are safe to enter the MRI suite. On the day of the scan, we will conduct this screening again to be extra safe and have our technician look over your child’s screening form before we begin the procedure.

Will the MRI procedure hurt my child in any way?

  • No. We do not use contrast agents or sedation. This procedure will not put your child at risk as all safety guidelines will be followed. 

Can I be in the scanning room during the scan?

  • Our trained technician will be in the scan room with you child at all times. We generally recommend parents observe the scan through the window in the control room. However, if you prefer to be in the scan room with you child, as long as you are safe to enter the MRI scanner environment and have no metal or devices that may be influenced by the magnetic field, you will be allowed in the scanning room with your child. We will screen you for these things prior to allowing you to enter the scanner. Additionally, you will be given noise reducing earbuds while in the scanning room.

What if I want to stop?

  • If you are uncomfortable during any portion of the study, just alert us, and we will stop everything. You will not be obligated to participate.

Will I receive medical information about my child?

  • We do not have a radiologist on our team, so we cannot review the MRI images medically. If you’d like, we can give you a disk that contains the images from the scan, and you can always give that to a doctor for medical evaluation.

Would you like to participate in our study? Please fill out the form below to determine your eligibility. One of our team members will reach out to you if you qualify.